Rincon Hurricane Maria Relief

Rincon Hurricane Maria Relief

Our hearts are heavy in learning about the devastation and pain caused by Hurricane Maria to our friends and families of Rincon and Puerto Rico.  The uncontrollable force of nature has brought total destruction to the island. The people of New York to Puerto Rico, band together in times like these, to restore and rebuild our beautiful island we have come to know so well.

On the Morning of September 20th, Category 4 Maria made landfall at Yabucoa. The storm ripped northward through the southern side of the island with 150 mph sustained winds and 220+ gusts.

All communication with the Island was lost.

The storm surged 20 feet in some areas as winds devoured buildings, houses, and trees; Maria relentlessly destroyed all in her path. Roads are inaccessible cutting Rincon off from the relief supplies in San Juan.  The Federal Emergency response has been directed to higher populated urban areas around Puerto Rico, therefore Rincon has been largely self-sustained following the storm.

Rincon is still awaiting relief.  Families are without power and water as they take shelter without roofs, and septic.  Currently, there are 10 hour long lines to use the ATM for $50, in order to wait another 10 hours for gasoline.

In hopes to help with the Hurricane Maria Relief Effort, we have started this fundraiser. The Non-Profit ‘Surf for All’ is contributing 100% of proceeds and donations to Rincon and Puerto Rico communities. The people of Rincon and beach communities of Long Island must form a strong group uniting our efforts on this long road to recovery.

We will be leading the surf community on the ground level to accomplish the mission of rebuilding Rincon and restoring the local economy in order to prevent the financial collapse of Rincon, PR.

We sincerely appreciate any and all donations.  We understand one might not be able to contribute monetarily, but you can make a difference by simply supporting and sharing this web page.


So please donate today